PC & Laptop Repairs

Laptop Power Port

Laptop not turning on?
Have to move the cable to get a secure power connection?
No lights coming on to indicate charging?

Broken Screen

Pixelated areas?
Black / coloured lines?
No image yet laptop is on?
Screen fading to black?

Noisy Fan

Constant whirring noise?
Fan blocked up with dust?

Windows Diagnostic

Don’t know the problem?
no worries!
We will run a full diagnostic and find any faults and report back to you.

Windows Recovery

Slow running?
Laptop takes a long time to boot up?
Software not running as well as it used to?
Contsantly crashing?

Data Backup / Recovery

Hard drive failed?
Sensetive data?
Hard drive reporting data failure?

Hard Drive Replacement

Is your hard drive slow?
Getting warnings that its nearly full?
Making clicking noises?

We can replace for a new drive, reinstall the operating system and/or clone the old drive (where possible), ensuring you a new, faster pc.

Antivirus / Spyware Removal

Are you getting virus warnings?
Locked out of your laptop?
No antivirus software?
Laptop being held to ransom?

Replacement Power Supply

If you've ever upgraded your graphics card or added new components you may find the current powers supply isn't powerful enough.
We can add a newer PSU with a higher power rating to give your pc a new lease of life