Playstation Repairs

We have the facilities to repair almost any console in the Playstation range, even the new PS5 which has been reported to have HDMI issues with certain batches.

Playstation Firmware Issue

Firmware errors are usually caused by a bad firmware update, minor hardware failure or HDD firmware errors and can include any error code given when operating the console normally. A common fault is power fluctuation during the update procedure.

Hard Drive Fault

Your Playstation may be unable to complete a system update, or you receive error messages relating to the hard drive. This service will only fix your existing HDD unit if the HDD unit needs to be replaced an additional cost will incur.

Broken Port

You may experience connectivity issues with any of the ports on the console, There may be clear physical damage to the port caused by accidental damage from foreign objects or from cables being removed improperly.

CD Rom Not Reading Discs

Your console may not be reading discs properly or ejecting them. This can be a sign of the laser becoming faulty and in need of replacement.

Power Issues

Your PlayStation will not turn on. The power LED will flash green, yellow, and then red whilst making a fast bleeping noise. We will replace the power connectivity port and fully test the machine.

Yellow Light of Death

Your console turns on and nothing appears on the screen. The LED goes Green, flashes yellow and then blinks red. This is a sign of problems with the botherboard and will need re-flowing.

WiFi Connectivity

Your Playstation may have difficulties connecting to the internet/home network via the Wi-Fi connection. In some cases the Bluetooth pads will not sync to the console without the wire. We will replace the wi-fi module and fully test the console.