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Whether you have a Wii, a Nintendo Switch or even a retro Nintendo 64, if you have a malfunction we are here to help.

Disc or Foreign Object Stuck in Drive

When inserting a disc into the console you may hear grinding or whirring noises, or the console may not accept discs at all. We will strip down the console to access the drive module and remove any foreign objects.

Power Problems or No Video Output

Your console will not power on or there is no video output when the console is turned on.
We will investigate the power input and video output for errors and repair any faults found.

Drive Replacement

If your dvd drive is faulty, we can replace it with a new drive. Once replaced it is fully tested and checked to ensure a quality repair.

Laser Replacement

Does you drive not read discs anymore?
Disc Unreadable message displayed on Screen?
We will remove and replaceme your dead laser in your Nintendo console

Wireless Repair Bluetooth or WiFi Adapter

The console is not connecting to the internet or the bluetooth controllers.
We will investigate the WiFi/bluetooth board for errors and repair any faults found.

Unspecified Fault?

We will test all ports, interfaces and then the interior until we can identify the fault. Once you are informed and give the go-ahead, we will repair the console and fully test it to ensure all parts are working efficiently.

Switch Battery Replacement

If your Switch battery is faulty or not holding its charge we can replace it for a new battery, ensuring hours of gaming fun.

Faulty Switch Fan

Is the Switch fan clogged up with dirt, not running or noisy? We can replace with a new fan, clean out the interior and get it running like it was new.

Switch Card Reader

Is your Switch not reading the SD cards? Not saving games or throwing up intermittent errors when reading the card. We will replace the card reader for new.

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