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Xbox Dead / Amber Light

Console does not turn on when you press the power button or it comes on for a sec then goes off.
Amber light stays on or damaged /cracked face plate

Xbox Green Screen / Hard Drive Error

Green Screen on start up or staying stuck on black screen
Error code or freezing while on dashboard
Taking an extensively long time to load games

Xbox HDMI Fix

Xbox HDMI port is physically damaged or wiggles about when you put the cable in.
There’s no display or sound when plugged in to the screen.
Console turns on but their is no display on the screen or flickers on and off

Xbox Laser/Drive Problem

Does your console give you an error code or ‘insert disc’ message with the disk inside the drive?
Is the disk stuck inside or making whirring sounds in the unit?
Disk not ejecting or crashing while in game play?

Xbox Wifi / Connectivity Issues

Console disconnecting from Xbox live randomly or not connecting to the controller.
Not Displaying any wireless networks in range

Unknown Xbox Issue

If you’re unsure of your fault or have multiple faults please call us to arrange drop off of your machine for a free estimate.

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